Ceiling Medallions

What is a ceiling medallion?  Ceiling medallions are used around ceiling lights and fans to give a decorative look or to cover ceiling damage from things such as when a new type of light is installed.  You can also install a ceiling medallion plug and use the medallion alone or as a a group for wall decoration.   The plug could be left out and the medallion used as a frame.

Here is one type of ceiling medallion purchased in plain white and made from polyurethane.

Ceiling Medallion – Before

Here is the same medallion style after painting

Ceiling Medallion – After

For this look I sprayed the medallion with Rustoleum Universal Oil Rubber Bronze Spray Paint.  After the spray paint dried I painted over the leaves with a metallic copper craft paint.

Ceiling Medallion – Faux Antique Silver


This ceiling medallion look was created by spraying the medallion with Rustoleum Universal  Spray Paint Black Satin.  After the paint dried I painted over the black with Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals Paint in Mirror Glass.  I intentionally left some of the black showing for the antique look.  If you cover the black paint more than you like, after the metallic paint has dried just wipe on some black water based paint over the top and wipe off as desired to leave some of the black paint in the crevices.



I just returned from visiting family in Alaska.   I stayed in Anchorage but was able to visit Seward.  For the first time I was able to experience Resurrection Bay by fishing boat.   Alaska is one of those places I think everyone should visit.

If you would like to see photos I took of Alaska visit me on Flickr.

One photo of the Humpback whale I saw