Spray Painted Luminaria

Spray Painted Luminaria

14 – 15 oz canned vegetable cans or 26 oz soup cans or a mix of both
Hammer and nail, drill, or Dremel
Spray paint if desired. I used Rustoleum Textured Metal in Silver.  In the past I left them unpainted.
Tea light candles or LED tea lights

Watch for sharp edges where the lid was removed
To remove any adhesive use vegetable oil and then dish soap.
Add 1 – 2” water and freeze. Once frozen add water to fill almost to the top. This method prevents the bottom of the can from bulging.
Poke holes freehand or use a Sharpie to determine design first.   The designs could be all the same or all different.


Luminaria – 14 oz, painted

Luminaria - 26 oz, unpainted

Luminaria – 26 oz, unpainted

Depending on your climate use indoors or out
Line a driveway or sidewalk, decorate a mantel, or group together outside or indoors.