Starting A 72 Hour Kit

In Utah the Great Utah Shake Out is coming up next week.  It gives people the opportunity to think about how prepared they would be for an earthquake whether they were at home, work, or school.   If you aren’t in Utah check for one in your area.

My Preparedness kit started many years ago with free or inexpensive buckets from grocery store bakeries. Sometimes they were still loaded with frosting. One bucket per family member with the two for adults loaded a bit fuller since we could carry more weight.  I used free items that came in the mail or with packages of other things or as samples – a very small box of laundry soap, a bar of soap, shampoo samples, even a candy bar sample.  I also added items from around the house –  roll of toilet paper, a pair of socks, a towel, a can of tuna and a can opener, paper and a pencil, some change, matches, candles, a flashlight, bottled water, travel Boggle that my brother had given me, list of names and phone numbers for family and friends.  Think about what you would need for food, water, warmth, and entertainment.  Eventually I replaced the buckets with backpacks and used the buckets for long term food storage. I replaced some of the heavier canned items with MREs and water bottles were replaced with water blocks.  I keep our backpacks in a tote near a door for easy access in case we needed to evacuate.

I try to remember to check through my kit twice per year. Once I didn’t realize how long it had been until I saw that my 7 year olds pack still had diapers in it. Now I check it twice per year.

No matter what your budget start putting together some things in case of emergency.  Even if you never have to use it you will have some peace of mind knowing it is there just in case.

72 hour kit

Emergency Kit