Switching From Plastic In the Kitchen

I decided to start eliminating plastic storage containers from my pantry and refrigerator. So, what to do instead? I buy peanut butter (Adams, 36 oz) which comes in large glass jars with straight sides and large mouths for easy access. Why not use these for storage? So, removing the label and throughly cleaning the insides I wrote on the jar with a Sharpy to label the contents. Sharpy markers are permanent enough not to rub off on your hand but can be removed if you change the contents of your jar or just want to rewrite it. They come in a variety of colors so you can use all one color like I did (I used black) or use different colors for different types of items. My jars with blue lids are stored in the refrigerator and those with green go in the pantry. That way if someone doesn’t know where it should be stored they can tell by the color (if they remember).

Jars for storage

Jars for storage

Most two pound bags of beans will almost fit in one of these jars. The extra goes into my bean mix jar which I use to make my 9 bean soup.

My pantry includes various types of beans, barley, alphabets for soup, brown sugar, cocoa, carob.

My refrigerator includes ground flax seed, any grain that is not whole such as steel cut oats and bulgar, popcorn, quinoa, and polenta.

For items that I store in smaller amounts I plan to use smaller jars.